Sometimes a simple rumor can develop into an online reputation crisis for either an individual or a corporation.  With the surging popularity of social media websites such as FaceBook and micro-blog services such as Twitter, the propensity for content to spread virally (regardless of accuracy) at record speed is at an all-time high.

The ability for these online tools to influence the sentiment of current and future customers, followers, business alliances, and the general public can be a tremendous asset for both individuals and businesses.  However, these tools can also quickly become tremendous online liabilities in light of content including false allegations, lawsuits, product recalls, and rumors reaching their platforms.

If you are in the midst of a personal online reputation crisis, or, your company is addressing an online corporate reputation crisis; here are few suggestions to assist with the crisis management:

  1. Avoid responding to comments, posts, or content in haste and without a strategic plan in place.
  2. Avoid giving continual click credit by visiting the sources that publish negative content and commentary about you or your company.
  3. Know the depth and breadth of the crisis.  Assuming that only one website or search engine contains negative content about your personal or corporate reputation may only be the starting point.
  4. When executing a crisis response strategy, make sure that you or your company knows exactly how the effectiveness of your online responses will be measured.
  5. Determine if your existing resources can successfully address your online crisis and execute the response strategy, or, if the assistance of an outside team is needed.

About The Online Body Guard™

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