How The Online Body Guard Works

The Online Body Guard© is an online reputation monitoring service that lets you take control of your online reputation…and more! Create A Free Account To get started you will need to create an account.  Your account is free and it only takes a few moments to set up. Get Alerts for Topics That Matter To […]

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Do This Before You “SEO” for Online Reputation Monitoring

Sometimes, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is required to assist in creating and sustaining a successful online reputation management or online reputation monitoring campaign. For some campaigns, a very important component is the selection of relevant keywords.  To further this need, some keywords may require the inclusion of state names or abbreviations to target winning state-wide, […]

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Free Mobile App for Online Reputation Management

The Online Body Guard will soon be offering a free mobile app that will assist with business and personal and corporate online reputation monitoring. Mobile App Usage and Facts Source: Source: Early Registration for The Online Body Guard App Register below to become one of the first users of new app being created […]

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Take Back Your Business and Personal Online Reputation

Your personal and corporate online reputation matter and are worth fighting for. Here is why: 4 Reasons Your Online Reputation Matters Relevant accounts buy attention. Your customers have only seconds to identify you, your company, and its brand when conducting an online search. The convenience of being found easily and quickly by customers helps to […]

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Free Online Reputation Checklist

Winning first-page search engine placement has become extremely valuable to both personal and corporate brands. Aside from offering great exposure to products and services, placement in the top 5 to 10 results of a search engine results page can have a tremendously positive impact on the online reputation of an individual or business. Online users […]

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Managing Yelp Reviews For Businesses

Your business may be one of the many that has a profile and listing on  If this is the case, then your business is familiar with reviews that can be posted to your profile by consumers. The Yelp Review Filter Many businesses are dismayed, confused, and quite upset regarding the advancements of the user […]

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Positive Online Reputation of Gordon Shell

Many of us could learn from what MMA fighter Gordon Shell is doing.  Gordon has a failing heart and is risking his live to help abandoned dogs on the streets of Detroit to avoid being used for dog fighting.  His story is being created and told in a documentary called Dog Fighter by a Michigan […]

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Online Competitor Monitoring and Market Intelligence Tools

Why Monitor The Competition? Knowing the online strategies and activities of a competitor can be an extremely valuable form of corporate intelligence.  The data collected from online competitor monitoring allows an organization to make critical decisions regarding the company online marketing campaign, research and development, and much more. 5 Reasons to Monitor the Online Competition […]

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5 Tips for Managing an Online Reputation Crisis

Sometimes a simple rumor can develop into an online reputation crisis for either an individual or a corporation.  With the surging popularity of social media websites such as FaceBook and micro-blog services such as Twitter, the propensity for content to spread virally (regardless of accuracy) at record speed is at an all-time high. The ability […]

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Re-Claim Your Online Personal and Corporate Reputation

Re-claiming your online reputation as an individual or corporation can offer the peace of mind and rewarding feeling that proper measures are being taken to dispel any myths and rumors about your reputation. Not taking, or, ignoring the proper steps to re-claim your personal or corporate online reputation can create an unfavorable set of circumstances […]

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