Your business may be one of the many that has a profile and listing on  If this is the case, then your business is familiar with reviews that can be posted to your profile by consumers.

The Yelp Review Filter

Many businesses are dismayed, confused, and quite upset regarding the advancements of the user review filter on From their perspective the changes that have occurred with the review filter place the business owner at a considerable disadvantage when extremely positive reviews are held in quarantine and extremely negative reviews seem to gain longevity on their live accounts. In addition, some businesses have even noticed that these trends seem to normalize and even reverse when a business account engages in an advertising campaign with

How the review filter is structured is having a negative effect on the reputation of businesses, the perceived value of their services and products by future customers, and the reputation of by its very own business customers.

How Businesses Are Responding To Yelp Reviews

The fact that Yelp does not currently offer a way for businesses to manage their reviews makes for a difficult relationship with the business community.  Some businesses have joined together in class-action lawsuits against Yelp, others refuse to participate by not claiming a profile, while others try to flag negative comments for removal in Yelp’s review filter.

Need Yelp Help?

There is a way to overcome negative reviews on Yelp that does not involve purchasing advertising or constantly requesting the removal of negative reviews.  If you find that your organization needs assistance with managing it’s account on Yelp, then we encourage you to contact us today.