Why Monitor The Competition?

Knowing the online strategies and activities of a competitor can be an extremely valuable form of corporate intelligence.  The data collected from online competitor monitoring allows an organization to make critical decisions regarding the company online marketing campaign, research and development, and much more.

5 Reasons to Monitor the Online Competition

  1. Is my patent, or other commercial rights, being violated?
  2. Are my competitors stealing my web content and ideas?
  3. Is the voice of the competition being heard by my target market and customers?
  4. Are my competitors “planting” comments about my company, regardless of accuracy, in message boards, forums, and social networks?
  5. Is the competition’s marketing working better than mine?

About The Online Body Guard™

By offering customizable features that both monitor and manage specific topics and areas such as your company Brand, Personnel, Competitors, Products, Services, Major Social Networks, Major Search Engines, Blogs, Forums, and much more; The Online Body Guard™ is becoming the affordable choice for corporations and individuals seeking a quality online reputation monitoring service.

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