Silently Improve Your Online Reputation

You may be in a situation that does not allow for you to openly reveal that you are managing or perhaps repairing your online reputation. Examples of these types of situations include being involved in an active lawsuit, a corporate scandal, or personal matter that has gone public.

5 Ways to Silently Improve Your Online Reputation

Let’s explore below 5 ways that you can silently and effectively improve online reputation of your business.

#1 Own The Right Domain Name(s)

Owning the right domain name is essential. In quite a few instances owning several domain names can also prove to be very important. The benefit of this strategy is two-fold. First, possessing a choice domain allows your website or blog to rank and be known for essential search terms that users will use in a major search engine. Second, by controlling the right domain names you prevent your enemies from owning these names and building damaging content against your online reputation.

#2 Gather and Assess Intelligence

Identify new opportunities to expand the online footprint of your business. These types of opportunities can include using online directories, new social media websites, new inbound sources for links, possible link exchange partners, and much more.  For more on this topic, see 20 items to monitor for your corporate reputation.

#3 Petition Negative Content

One-way review websites such as Yelp offer users the opportunity to voice their opinions for just about anything. Regardless if the review is true or not, these comments cause an impact on a business. If your focus is to silently improve your online reputation, then monitoring review websites like Yelp for negative comments made about your business is imperative.

Should a negative review or comment appear about your business it is very important to petition the review regularly. This means that you can expect that the review will most likely not be taken offline after your first petition. And thus, petitioning reviews should be treated like a housekeeping item within your overall online marketing plans.

#4 Service Marks, Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents

Having the appropriate legal protections in place for your logo, likeness, name and more is an invaluable component to silently improving the online reputation of your company. A relevant example of enforcing your intellectual property rights is having a competitor’s advertisement taken offline from Google AdWords because your company has a bonafide copyright claim for certain names and keywords. A qualified intellectual property attorney can assist your organization with the creation of these tools to help support your company brand and beyond.

#5 Listen Intently To Customer Comments

There is no greater resource by which you can gauge your corporate reputation than the comments made by your customers. In order to maximize the impact of these comments for your business without revealing too much, consider adopting the following strategy:

  • Find a reason to call your customers about something positive that you have done for them. Then, ask “Is there anything you feel we could be doing better for you?”

Is this a tough question to ask? You bet it is.

Should you prepare yourself for blunt answers? Yes you should.

However, what your customer will see is that you are willing to challenge yourself to become better at what you do. And during this process, if your customer really has a beef with your organization, it will be revealed. If you receive such a comment from a customer, internalize it with your team and use it to become stronger and more consistent at your profession.

If the thought of having to manage the online reputation of your company seems overwhelming you are not alone. However, with the ability to categorize the important aspects of your online corporate reputation with The Online Body Guard© decisions can be made much quicker to help your company win online. Contact us today to get started.