Businesses, corporate executives, professional athletes, political figures, and icons in the entertainment industry turn to The Online Body Guard© for the management and monitoring of their online reputations.

What makes The Online Body Guard© different from other online reputation monitoring solutions?

Unlike other tools and softwares for online reputation monitoring, The Online Body Guard© provides services that manage your reputation once content damaging to your reputation has been identified.  Most online reputation management services offer identification and reporting while The Online Body Guard© goes the extra mile and helps you actually fight back!

What types of services are offered from The Online Body Guard©?

The Online Body Guard© is able to provide complete online reputation management services for an individual or business.  From helping a website to ranking higher in major search engines to online review management The Online Body Guard© offers a robust reputation management solution that is able to tackle just about any difficult task.  To learn more about how we can help you, please contact us.

What aspects of your online reputation are important to managed and monitor?

Daily online reputation monitoring and management offers a silent, competitive advantage in key areas that include:

  • Company Brand monitoring
  • Personnel monitoring
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Monitoring of Products and Services
  • Gathering of Online Sentiment
  • Discovery of New Business Opportunities
  • Discovery of new sources for Online Marketing
  • Discover of new sources for Online Reputation Monitoring
  • Reveals Online Marketing Strategies of the Competition

What online sources, sites, and networks matter the most to your online reputation?

Gathering data and information from the following types of sources matter when critical decisions need to be made regarding your online reputation:

  • Major Social Networks
  • Major Search Engines
  • Authority Blogs
  • Industry and Niche Forums
  • Online review websites

The Good…The Bad…The Ugly…The Truth

User-driven content is one of the most powerful forces in affecting the online reputation of an organization and buying decision of its prospective customers. Key decision makers have taken notice of this fact and are investing in the proper tools to protect their corporate and personal online reputation.

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