How does The Online Body Guard© work?

We have designed The Online Body Guard© to deliver top quality information from millions of websites, blogs, news sites, forums, video engines, search engines, social networks, micro blogs, and more.  The retrieval of this information is based on a certain criteria and is then organized and presented in an easy to use format so that it can be used for your online marketing and monitoring efforts.

How does it help to protect the online reputation of my company?

The Online Body Guard© has been designed to quickly identify online events and content that could be a possible threats to your personal and corporate reputation.  Once disruptive content has been identified, your online reputation service package with The Online Body Guard© goes into action and defends your online reputation by using best-practices for search engine optimization, online review petitioning, blogging, and much more.

What makes it different from other reputation monitoring tools and services that are available?

There are several reasons, here are the top three that we hear from our clientele:

  1. Setting up an account and using The Online Body Guard© is free.
  2. We are easy to contact for items that you need assistance with in regards to your online reputation.
  3. Our online reputation management services deliver real results when harmful online content is identified.

What types of businesses will it help?

Many businesses can benefit from monitoring and managing their online reputation.  Here are a few types of industries and individuals currently benefiting from The Online Body Guard©:

  • Online Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Business Computer Networking
  • Long Term Care
  • Accounting
  • Financial Services
  • Legal
  • Office Furniture
  • Professional Athletes
  • CEO’s
  • Wireless Communications
  • Exporting
  • Public Official
  • Transportation

How long does it take to set up and activate?

Not long at all.  Creating your account takes less than 10 minutes and can be done you your personal computer or smartphone.  Get started by setting up your account today.

What happens once the service is live and working?

Once your account is set up and live, you will be given access to it to begin using the service. Our system is easy to use and designed to accommodate a variety of user types.

Will I get help?

Yes.  The Online Body Guard© platform offers a unique feature that allows you to contact us directly for help when you see something that concerns you about your online reputation.  We provide a variety of online reputation management service levels that can accommodate just about any organization and any budget.

What is included in a typical service level agreement?

We work with you to help determine the appropriate online reputation management services that will best address your needs.  The options that we offer for online reputation monitoring and online reputation management vary based on your needs, budget, and much more.  We are also bound by confidentiality to not share any of your company or campaign information with any other party from the moment that we first meet to the completion of your campaign.

What if I don’t know enough about the ‘Online World’?

We hear that a lot.  How can you be expected to know everything?  That is why a company like yours would turn to the The Online Body Guard©.  Knowing your online concerns, threats, and competitors is important for us to effectively be able to manage and monitoring your online reputation.

What if I already have social media accounts created?

Congratulations! You are a forward-thinking organization. Including your social media accounts in the monitoring of online activities is something that is already available with The Online Body Guard©.

What if I don’t have any social media accounts created?

It’s not necessary to have social media accounts in order reap benefits from The Online Body Guard©. At any time, accounts with relevant social network websites can be created and integrated into the campaign.

How do I access the interface?

Most clients prefer to access The Online Body Guard© via the web. We create private web-based logins so that our clients can access these tools on personal computers or even smart phones.

What if I want to change the topics and keywords that are monitored?

Change is something that we expect. In fact, adding and removing specific keywords, terms, and other content is already factored into your account and is readily available upon registration.

Have a question that is not listed here?  Contact us and we’ll post it along with a complete answer!